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Relaxation Tuina

Tuina for Relaxation

Are you dealing with a stressful time and just need some TLC, but you don’t want to actually try acupuncture?  Come in for a 30 minutes Tuina session specifically for relaxation.  I am offering these Relaxation Tuina sessions for $45.  

Tuina is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a form of medical massage.  In an acupuncture session I often also use Tuina as part of the treatment.  Many patients comment how much they look forward to that part of the treatment.  

For a Relaxation Tuina treatment you would lay fully clothed on the table and I would massage the meridians and acupressure points on your face and head as well as your hands and feet.  Your job is only to relax and listen to the soothing back ground music.   You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.     

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